Cheating Devices For Video Poker Machines

Throughout the years gamblers tried to cheat casinos on many different levels. Some are quite innovative while others rely on common sense. Hidden cameras and earpieces are one of the most popular methods used by gamblers to gain an edge. These devices allow them the ability to see what is happening at a blackjack, baccarat or roulette table and relay information back to their partner.

A magnet is another very common way of cheating. This is an easy method that can be used by anyone with the money to purchase a good magnet. This is a risky strategy, since a magnet can attract the attention and suspicion of casino security.

In the past, some players even tried to “yo-yo” a coin into a slot machine’s laser sensor. This trick was successful for a short time until manufacturers improved the optical sensors. Other cheaters would attach a string to their coin and then yo-yo it into the slot to trick the sensor.

Fortunately, modern gambling does not use these cheating devices. Regulation boards have become stricter in their security requirements, and gaming companies now use SHA-3 encryptions to ensure that no one can change their code without being detected. Nonetheless, the quality of these high-end poker cheating devices indicates that there is a profitable and active black market for this type of device.