Marked Deck

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Marked cards are designed to help magicians and poker cheaters quickly identify the opposite suit of a card’s number. There are four types of marked cards on the market so far: Magic marked deck, marked cards for different reading systems and marked cards with secret markings.

Magic Marked Card
These marked decks are used in magic shows. The decks are marked with very small numbers and letters to represent the card value. S2 is the spade 2 card. You can identify each card with just a glance. Playing ultimate marked cards is not enough. The sleight-of-hand, the skill of handling cards, as well as a healthy dose of showmanship and misdirection are all important components of a brilliant magic show.

Marked cards for contact lenses
Marked cards for contact lenses, like the magic marked decks, are also a common form of cheating poker. The back of the cards is marked with the suit and number using invisible ink. Our human eyes cannot see the back of cards unless we use cheating glasses or infrared lenses. Contact lenses are safer than glasses. Contact lenses marked cards not only pass the “riffle test”, but are also suitable for poker players of all ages, skill levels and poker glasses.