Infrared Lenses

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We all know that sunglasses protect our eyes against bright sunlight. We introduce the luminous ink glass for seeing invisible ink marked card. The sunglasses marked with invisible ink can also be called the luminous ink glasses. eyes from sunlight.
In most cases, the ink is invisible to the naked eye. Only special infrared lenses can detect it. In order to see the invisible marks made by luminous ink on marked cards, the luminous glasses have red filters in the lenses of the sunglasses. They can also hide your emo tions and stop your opponent from reading your information during the game.

invisible ink glasses The color of the outside surface can be colored, such as silver, blue, or green. They look exactly like the originals and no one will be able to tell any difference. It is a fact that these stylish devices can protect you from cheating. Since many years, poker cheating glasses are one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning.