Contact Lens Cheat

If you want to cheat on the cards while playing poker, you need these invisible ink contact lenses. They can help you see the marks on the back of the cards clearly and work well with all brands of UV marked playing cards. These lenses are very thin and comfortable to wear, and they won’t hurt your eyes at all. You can even use them while doing magic tricks or poker games.

The most important feature of these lenses is that they won’t change your eye color. They’re a light purple, so they’ll blend in with your natural iris color. Plus, the filter on the lens is black so it’s hard for others to detect that you’re wearing a cheating contact lens. Invisible ink contact lenses are very safe to wear, and they’re suitable for all eye colors.

With so many different contact lens modalities and technologies available, it can be difficult to know which type to prescribe for your patients. Download our Contact Lens Cheat Sheet for a quick reference to key characteristics and patient selection and fitting pearls for common contact lens modalities.