Exposing High-End Poker Cheating Devices

A fascinating expose of a real-world highly advanced poker cheating device straight out of a spy movie.

Poker is a game played by people from all walks. Its excitement, mystery, and adrenaline make it a favorite. But even the best players are heavily dependent on luck in order to win. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find cheating devices used in this gambling game. Some are as simple as secretly scratching or scuffing the backs of the cards, while others are far more elaborate.

The most sophisticated poker cheating devices are called poker analyzers, and they work by reading the bars on the cards with a camera and then analyzing that information. It can then tell you what the outcome will be of a hand before any cards are dealt. The latest poker analyzers can also scan barcodes from all four sides of a card. The devices can be hidden in a watch, t-shirt, car keys, power banks, or other items.

In addition to these hidden poker cheating devices, people have also been using a technique called soft playing to get an advantage. This involves a person outside the game collaborating with a player to give them secret messages, which can tell them what cards their opponents have in their hands. Some of these signal can be sent in the air by vibrating devices, or hacked RFID scanners that identify cards in live-streamed or broadcast games so that viewers at home could see them.