Infrared Contact Lenses Price

Infrared lenses are special contact lenses that detect marked cards. They are a great choice for those who want to play poker with more security. It allows you to see the invisible mark on the backside of the card, as well as your opponents and the surroundings. The contact lens is easy to use, won’t alter your eye color, and will keep your eyes safe.

The IR lenses for playing cards are suitable for all colors of eyes and can be used in a variety of light conditions. They are the best choice for those who are worried about changing their eye color, because they will not change your eyes color at all and can still see the marks on the cards clearly. These contacts are made with the advanced sandwich and laser dyeing technology. The small dyed circle of the IR contact lenses is just enough to cover the pupil of your eyes.

Besides being safe, these IR contact lenses have high oxygen permeability and are very comfortable to wear. This is because they are made of silicone, acryls and fluor. They also contain less water than contact lenses that are soft, so they are less likely absorb the infrared energy from saunas. Therefore, they are suitable for a variety of environments, including those where there is the potential for chemical splash or where caustic substances may be present.