What is Marked Cards Contact Lenses?

These contact lenses allow you to see the luminous markings on playing cards. These lenses are used in magic poker and other games that allow the wearer to see the back numbers and suits. Compared to other cheating tools, marked contact lens for cards have a high privacy level and they can even be worn during play without anyone knowing that you are using them. They provide a good visual experience and will not change your eye color.

There are many different kinds of contact lenses available in the market. Some are soft while others are harder. Choosing the correct one depends on what you prefer and the game that you want. Soft contacts work best for beginners because they are more comfortable, easier to clean, and have a better fit. However, hard contacts are better for those who have a problem with dry eyes, as they are more durable and don’t move around easily.

When selecting the type of contact lenses for playing cards, choose one that matches your color vision. For example, if you have blue or green eyes, the best choice would be to get a contact lens with a yellowish hue. This will help your eyes look brighter and will not affect the color of the cards.

Another important thing to consider when buying contact lenses for marked cards is the clarity. The color of the lenses will affect how well you can read the marks. The better quality the contact lenses are, the easier it will be to read the marks.

To ensure comfort, you should also check that the lens has a very low moisture content. The best way to test this is by putting the contact lens in pure water and observing how the liquid reacts with it. If there is a lot of liquid left on the contact lens, it may cause irritation to your eyes. The contact lenses should have a high oxygen permeability as well, as this will improve your wearing comfort.

The most popular contact lenses to mark cards are IR lenses. These lenses work by reflecting the infrared beam onto the backs. The IR contact lenses allow you to see the invisible luminous markings on the backs. This is a great tool for poker and magic cheating. The IR contact lens is also a great way to read barcode marked cards. Although they are more costly than traditional contact lens, they are well worth the investment as they will help you to win more games. They are also more convenient than other cheating products such as laser marked cards.