Bicycle Standard Invisible Ink Cheating Poker Cards For Contact Lenses

Bicycle 808 standard infrared marked cards, based on ordinary Bicycle standard playing cards, works with a pair of special contact lenses or infrared camera lens.

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How does Bicycle 808 Standard Playing Cards, a standard deck of 52 red and black cards, be used to cheat?

To some extent, the bicycle standard playing card cheat includes back and side signs. Mark with an ink pack. These markings are invisible to the naked eye.

If you choose a bicycle back-labeled poker cheater, you should also be equipped with a special pair of contact lenses or an infrared camera lens that can be attached to various items in the poker room. Contact lenses help to read markers within 3m, while camera lenses can reach up to 6m with the help of a remote control. When cheating with bike side poker, you need the entire poker analysis system and advance access to information via headsets. It also displays results using other modes such as time mode, speaker mode and vibrator mode.

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