Power Bank Playing Cards Scanner For Invisible Barcode Decks

Poker cards with analyzer system is a set of poker cheating device that can help you increase the winning odds in casino game, especially in Texas Holdem, Omaha and baccarat.

Power bank scanners work with analyzer systems like special smartphones, but poker card scanners can target anything, including car keys, watches, power banks, wallet scanners, and more.

How does the power bank poker scanner work with the analyzer system?

The appearance is an ordinary power bank, and it can also charge the mobile phone. When reading, the signal transmitter will send the code to the poker analyzer. After analyzing the code for one second, the poker analyzer will send a voice message from the miniature earphone to tell you the opponent’s cards and best cards.

One of the biggest advantages of a power bank scanner is that it can read a moving deck very quickly. And the second advantage of this scanner is that it is a long range scanning distance scanner with a distance of 40-70 cm, 70.-100 cm. If you’re playing at a 10-handed poker table, a power bank scanner is perfect.

Poker Analyzer Power Bank
Poker Analyzer Power Bank
Weight 0.1 kg


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