Copag 1546 Infrare Plastic Marked Deck

Copag 1546 plastic infrared marked playing cards, original Copag playing cards, useful cheating device in poker games.

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The primary use of decks marked with the Copag is cheating in magic poker shows and poker games.

Copag 1546 playing cards are 100% plastic, hard to bend and hard to mark. And the marks are not easy to wipe off, we marked with a special invisible ink (developed by us) with advanced equipment. Then a deck of Copag 1546 marked with invisible ink was born. Two places can be marked: the back of the suit card on the back, which requires infrared glasses to read the numbers directly; since it is a code, it needs to use the poker winner predictor to know the status of the card in the game. .

The Copag 1546 Invisible Ink Mark Deck is known for its superior quality and durable, washable material. In general, it lasts 50 times longer than regular playing cards. Properly stored it will last a long time. Variety of Styles Please feel free to contact us because you can choose the color according to your needs, such as poker size, bridge size, jumbo index and regular index.

Best way to mark Copag 1546 playing cards:

Blue card: marked in large font in the center of the card.

Red and orange card: large font in the middle, small font in the four corners.

Copag 1546 Marking Deck Instructions
Copag 1546 Playing Cards Features:

1. 100% PVC Plastic – Regular or Jumbo Index – Wide Size (2? x 3?).

2. 52 cards + 2 trump cards + 1 guaranteed card.

3. Card size: 8.8*6.3cm (standard size of playing cards).

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