Copag 4 Colour Luminous Ink Infrared Plastic Juiced Cards

Copag 4 colour infrared marked playing cards, original Copag playing cards, useful cheating device in poker games.

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The Copag 4-color deck is a cheat marker deck that looks like a normal card, but if you look at it with special contact lenses or glasses, you’ll see things that other people can’t.

The game of poker is becoming more and more popular in most countries, so you need to choose a good invisible ink deck to improve your poker game.

Copag 4 color cards

The Copag 4 Color Index Collection is a line of 100% plastic playing cards that bring a new dimension to the game. Green represents diamonds, clubs and hearts represent red. Four-color poker has been popular in Europe for many years and has a strong fan base in the United States.

Contains one red deck and one blue deck
poker size, giant index
clubs are green
diamonds are blue
heart is red
spades spades
Copag 4 Color Infrared Cheat Cards

The infrared invisible ink marks on the back of the Copag 4 Color Deck Marks cards allow cheating with the help of infrared contact lenses. This infrared ink cheat card can be read through an infrared spy camera lens. No partner is required. Or the screens of other devices such as mobile phones and TVs.

Copag 4 Color Back Cheat Cards can also be marked as IR camera lenses, they cannot be seen through invisible ink contact lenses or infrared glasses. They are only visible through the IR camera lens. Where poker is played, IR Copag 4 color coded cheat cards and a set of IR spy cameras are a good option as they are undetectable on poker glasses and very safe. I need a partner who can read to you in the other room.

Copag 4 Colour Marked Cards
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