Fournier 2818 Jumbo Index Infrared Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Fournier jumbo index infrared marked playing cards, made using original fournier cards, get more additional edges in a poker games. 100 percent plastic material.

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Fournier is a famous playing card brand in Spain, you can rest assured that all of our Fournier 2818 contact lens markers are marked with the original card with invisible ink, and there are 6 colors of blue, pink, brown, orange, orange. green. Unlike other Fournier cards, it comes in a carton.

The pattern on the back of the Fournier 2818 Contact Lens Marked card is simple. I always recommend the large mark in the middle of the big card. The dark color of the red card and the light color of the blue card are better for contact lenses. However, if you have other requirements, you can make a small mark on the four corners of the card, or a small mark on the white line, so special customers please contact us in advance.

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