Copag 1546 Plastic Barcode Marked Playing Cards Cards

Copag 1546 barcode marked cards, made using original playing cards from the Copag. It works with some analysis device, poker analyzer etc. Player can get game results within a second.

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Copag 1546 playing cards are very flexible, sleek and breakable with a very trendy design. It is popular with players for its exquisite design and unique touch. We can mark Copag 1546 playing cards perfectly. If you’re a card poker player marked with Copag 1546, you’ll definitely be delighted. Wear infrared sunglasses or poker contact lenses to enjoy a marked poker game.

Best way to mark Copag 1546 playing cards:

Blue cards: marked in large font in the center of the playing cards.

Red and Orange Cards: Mark in large letters in the center or small letters in the corners.

Copag 1546 Marker Deck Description
Copag 1546 Playing Cards?? Features:

1. 100% PVC plastic – regular or jumbo index – wider size (2? x 3?).

2. 52 hand cards + 2 trump cards + 1 confirmed card.

3. Card size: 8.8*6.3cm (standard size of playing cards).

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